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of PNT

The Open PNT Industry Alliance was created to strengthen economic and national security by supporting government efforts to accelerate the implementation of backup positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) capabilities for critical infrastructure.

Our mission is to promote open market concepts that preserve industry’s long-term ability to harness its collective ingenuity to protect GPS/GNSS with multiple solutions that are technologically advanced, commercially viable, and based on a sustainable long-term funding framework. Click the button below to read more about our core principles.

Our Safe and Secure Future

Our safe and secure future — one in which national critical infrastructure is protected by assured PNT — depends on having multiple technologies to complement GPS/GNSS, each with the requisite properties of performance quality and operational resilience.

While national governments will play a critical role in providing a framework for regulation and funding, they should not mandate a single technology or its implementation method. To fully unleash the benefits of PNT across different industries and use cases, diversity and market choice must prevail.

Nations around the world are facing a critical problem in that they are susceptible to attacks on GPS/GNSS. Such attacks could disrupt critical infrastructure, and these threats need to be addressed by implementing multiple forms of alternative PNT.

With the scope, complexity, and severity of attacks evolving continuously, the combination of wide-ranging existing solutions and emerging technologies offers superior protection to current threats and can better adapt to future threats than a single technology with its inherent vulnerabilities.

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