The Open PNT Industry Alliance comprises companies that manufacture PNT hardware or provide services that deliver alternative forms of PNT.

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Aloft Sensing brings an innovative self-contained navigation technique to radar sensing from autonomous platforms. Achieving micron-level localization and picosecond timing, Aloft’s approach promises to transform the way Earth observation, tactical ISR, and assured PNT data are collected. Aloft’s techniques uniquely enable coherent distributed sensing from multiple platforms for exponential performance gains and reconfigurable and resilient operations. Additional benefits include operation in GPS/IMU-challenged conditions, new approaches for accurate autonomous navigation, and enhanced radar sensing products.

Conveh Advanced Systems specializes in advanced tracking solutions and the application of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT). In the pursuit of precision tracking, the company is dedicated to finding complementary solutions for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

Founded in 1995, Focus Telecom has been a leading supplier of time and frequency synchronization solutions. The company has since emerged as an innovator in GPS security, developing unique, patented technologies and producing solutions that protect critical infrastructure against attacks on their Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) systems. Focus Telecom’s GPS Resilient Kit detects threats and protects users’ GNSS systems while still ensuring continuity of timing and navigation capability.

Geospatial Alpha is building the authority in geospatial technologies and intelligence as an investor, advisor, and thought leader. The company was formed in 2019 with the support of prominent Silicon Valley investors and are experts in positioning, navigation, and timing; space domain intelligence; remote sensing; and deep space technologies.

infiniDome, the GPS Security Company, provides front-end cyber solutions protecting wireless communications from jamming attacks. infiniDome’s GPS protection solutions are tailored for defending the GPS systems which are at the heart of drones and other unmanned systems, vehicle fleets, and critical networks as well as defense applications.


Iridium® Satellite Time and Location (STL) is a highly secure PNT solution that protects against vulnerabilities in systems, platforms, and applications that depend on GNSS. Iridium STL increases the efficiency and reliability of timing systems for digital infrastructure like 5G base stations, data centers, and other national critical infrastructure in sectors such as energy, transportation, and financial services.

Founded in 2013, istlink conducts the research and development, design, and manufacture of positioning, navigation, and communications systems. istlink develops signal-of-opportunity and terrestrial-based positioning and navigation in GPS-denied environments as well as GPS/GNSS solutions for different industries including telecom and defense. istlink has strived to deliver turn-key high-quality solutions with competitive costs.

Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc. (a VIAVI Solutions company) designs and manufactures precision timing, frequency, and test & measurement instruments based on the latest RF, microprocessor, and software technologies. The company strives to provide extraordinary electronic instruments that consistently outperform competitive products at price points that allow users with tight budgets to purchase our equipment. In 2005, Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc. introduced the ground-breaking FireFox series of signal generators that include GPS disciplined local oscillators.

Founded in 1986, NAVSYS Corporation is a research and development small business, focusing on positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) technologies. NAVSYS specializes in assured positioning systems, inertial navigation, and network-assisted solutions for both military and commercial applications. The company’s area of technological expertise is described as “PNT innovations” — the use of advanced technology and novel system architectures to improve on conventional GPS equipment and methods for specific market applications and for assuring precision PNT operation in the event that GPS is unavailable.

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NextNav brings new dimensions to geolocation. Pinnacle, our revolutionary vertical positioning system, unleashes 3D location for apps, mobile devices, IOT, autonomous systems, and more. TerraPoiNT extends these services by providing a resilient 3D Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) capability in environments where GPS is jammed or blocked. With carrier-grade reliability and a rapidly expanding service footprint, NextNav is driving a whole new ecosystem for geolocation applications and services.

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OPNT (Optical Positioning, Navigation and Timing) is a spin-off of the VU University Amsterdam’s research on delivery of ultra-precision timing and precision location via fiber-optics based networks. It is backed by venture capital firm Cottonwood Technology Fund. OPNTs “timing as a service” offering integrates GPS-quality timing and beyond, with the flexibility and reliability of standard telecom networks.

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Oscilloquartz, an Adtran company, is a pioneer in secure, resilient, and robust PNT systems for time and frequency synchronization. The company designs, manufactures, and deploys end-to-end synchronization solutions. Ultra-precise core clocks combined with scalable multi-technology grandmasters and robust Cesium clocks deliver and assure precise synchronization over packet-optical networks while leveraging satellite-based timing. Solutions from Oscilloquartz are optimized for the most demanding applications and help customers across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, broadcast, defense, finance, data centers, and utilities.

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OshoCorp Global Pvt Ltd is a Category “A” defence company from India providing security solutions to improve sustainability and self-reliance of the Indian Armed Forces and global market. The company engages on various projects for the Indian Army and is granted a GNSS license by Government of India. It is working with the Indian Air Force (IAF) on GNSS-related projects and also Civilian agencies. The OshoCorp NavIC Module — developed through the company’s in-house R&D department — is a multi-GNSS (IRNSS (NavIC), GPS, GLONASS, GAGAN), Quad Band (S, L5, L2, L1) unit. Band ‘L2’ and ‘S’ features make it futureproof with very low life-cycle cost. The NavIC Receiver can be integrated into any circuit through the interface board for global OEMs.

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Founded in 1944, Parsons Corporation, a digitally enabled solutions provider, is focused on creating the future of the defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure markets. From Earth to outer space, we deliver tomorrow’s solutions today. Equipped with the capabilities required to take on any defense, intelligence, or critical infrastructure challenge, our agile, innovative, and disruptive approach enables us to deliver solutions at the speed of relevance.

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ProTrack’s No-GPS Navigation software and device use robust proprietary Video Anchoring and Video Flow capabilities to enable continuous flight even when GPS and/or INS data is corrupted, spoofed, or nonexistent. The product can be installed as a device on the airborne platform where it operates completely autonomously without any need for communications — thus making it very resistant to cyberattacks — or on the ground station sending data to the platform.

At the intersection of critical infrastructure and national defense, Safran Trusted 4D solutions govern and protect the integrity of systems that shape the world. Safran Trusted 4D offers trusted positioning information by protecting, authenticating, and delivering alternatives to existing PNT sources like GNSS. The company also provides network time servers and solutions for resilient time synchronization that meets the precision timing requirements of defense and critical infrastructure industries worldwide.

Offering the most extensive range of GNSS and Iridium® antennas, Tallysman excels at supporting the requirements of any project, anywhere in the world. With all manufacturing and staff located in Canada, the Tallysman team is always ready to assist customers in finding precisely the right antenna for their application.

TrustPoint is developing a next-generation GPS signal processing technology to provide the performance and reliability required for self-driving cars, drone delivery, urban air mobility, and immersive augmented reality. TrustPoint’s patent-pending PicoNav™ Signal Processing technology, combined with affordable NewSpace commercial satellite technologies and best in class signal security techniques, will provide a secure, global accurate PNT service. The company’s technical solution provides an increase in acquisition time responsiveness, time-position accuracy, and resistance to jamming and interference.

Xairos Systems, Inc. (Xairos) has developed quantum technology that delivers secure and accurate time transfer over large distances. Xairos plans to use this technology to develop a global timing system to augment timing from GPS and other GNSS systems.

Xona Space Systems is developing a new generation of high-accuracy position, navigation, and timing (PNT) solutions for intelligent systems. Delivered via a secure, high-power signal from low Earth orbit, the patent-pending Pulsar™ service from Xona aims to enable the next wave of connected technology.