Any private or public corporation with business interests in the assured PNT market or national critical infrastructure, and that is in alignment with the vision and mission of the alliance, is eligible to join the Open PNT Industry Alliance.  This includes, for example, hardware manufacturers and service providers that develop and utilize various technological architectures to provide positioning, navigation, and timing.


There are no membership fees. Rather, members will be expected to contribute their time and talent to promoting the collective position that a truly resilient GPS/GNSS backup solution requires a variety of systems and that national critical infrastructure providers should not be arbitrarily prevented from considering the most suitable technology.


Member companies whose leaders have an important message, a strong reputation, and an active following are invited to leverage their platforms to promote open market concepts. The idea is to preserve industry’s ability to harness its collective ingenuity to protect GPS/GNSS with a range of different solutions that are technologically advanced, commercially viable, and economically sensible.

Members who are in a position to safeguard the principles of open market assured PNT are invited to let their voices be heard. Advocates responding to this call to action will be encouraged to engage the market in various ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Write a compelling letter to a legislator or policymaker
  • Submit an informative article to a respected publication

  • Grant an insightful interview to a leading media outlet
  • Post an illuminating blog on a frequently visited website
  • Deliver an inspiring speech to a target audience
  • Create an engaging video and promote it on YouTube

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