Today, ten PNT service providers and equipment manufacturers aligned their common interests to form the Open PNT Industry Alliance.

The mission of the Open PNT Industry Alliance is to promote open-market concepts that preserve industry’s long-term ability to harness its inventive talent to protect GPS/GNSS with multiple solutions that are technologically advanced, commercially viable, and based on a sustainable long-term funding framework. One of the key aims of the coalition is to leverage a range of technologies to protect critical infrastructure in the United States and other countries.

Through policy advocacy, education, and information sharing, the coalition will promote a common understanding of the challenges facing companies that provide alternative PNT products, services, and solutions. It will also promote appropriate policies and sustainable funding models to ensure the long-term viability of these advanced and diverse technologies.

A press release provides additional details about the launch of the Open PNT Industry Alliance (coalition website | PR Newswire).

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